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Welcome - Nathanael Greene School



3525 South Honore
Chicago, IL 60609
P: 773-535-4560
F: 773-535-4617

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Welcome to Nathanael Greene Elementary!

Greene Elementary is an amazing community of children, parents, teachers, and neighbors who work together to create a school of learners and leaders.  We take great pride in our students’ accomplishments, our level of parental involvement, and the commitment to professional learning on the part of our teachers and staff.


Greene Elementary aspires to be a Workshop school that places students at the center of the learning process.  At Greene, we believe that students can assume a high level of responsibility for their own learning as well as apply what they are learning in multiple, real-world contexts.


At the center of Workshop instruction at Greene is students’ development of core identities as Readers, Writers, Mathematicians, Scientists, Social Scientists, and Community Leaders. Greene students are taught not only how to read, but how to be a Reader; not only how to do math, but what it means to be a Mathematician; not only how to learn science, but how to engage the world as a Scientist.  In this way, Workshop instruction at Greene is structured to cultivate life-long dispositions in our students – dispositions that position our students’ for long-term success as learners and leaders in the world!